APSE Performance Networks Awards 2021

Thursday, 2nd Friday, 3rd December, 2021 - Blackpool.

Come and see us at the APSE Performance Network Conference.

Complete with expert speakers, workshops and best practice case studies, the event also includes the Performance Networks Awards.

Webaspx is proud to sponsor the Refuse Collection category as we are the foremost end to end digital transformation software provider for waste and environmental services.

We provide integrated optimisation, operational and mobile solutions for waste collection, street cleansing, winter maintenance and online recycling engagement with residents to minimise contamination, calls and costs.

Our technology has benefitted service managers at nearly 200 councils and contractors throughout the UK to design and run optimal refuse collection rounds and services. Using our award-winning software and our best-in-class services, we’ve enabled local authorities large and small to surpass their unique operational and environmental goals.

To find out more come and talk to us at this event or get in touch afterwards through our www.webaspx.com or email sales@webaspx.com.   

Further details about the event registration can be found at www.apse.org.uk



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