APSE Winter Maintenance Seminar 2021

Friday, 19th November 2021 - the Midland Hotel, Bradford, BD1 4HU

Come and see us at the APSE Winter Maintenance Seminar.

Webaspx are the UK’s leading optimisation company for municipal services such as highway winter maintenance, waste collection and street cleansing. Our award-winning software and services have been used by over 200 local authorities and environmental service companies to design and run better routes and more efficient operations.

Using our winter maintenance solution, planners and managers can optimise routes by maximising treatment time and reducing travel, or quickly and accurately evaluate service options, such as depot locations, changes to climatic domains or the proportion of the network treated.

To find out more come and talk to us at this event or get in touch afterwards through our www.webaspx.com or email sales@webaspx.com.   

Further details about the seminar and event registration can be found at www.apse.org.uk



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