Digital Depot datasheet

Published:31 Jul 2019

Datasheet Digital Depot: Integrated Optimisation and Operations for Municipal Services To meet the challenges of austerity, local authorities know they need... more

EasyRoute datasheet

Published:1 Oct 2019

Datasheet EasyRoute: Route Optimisation for Waste Collection By identifying the best way to design your waste collection rounds, EasyRoute lets service... more

Webaspx In-Cab datasheet

Published:1 Oct 2019

Datasheet Webaspx In-Cab: In-Cab Round Management for Refuse Collection Vehicles Our In-Cab solution provides drivers and crews with the information they... more

ReCollect datasheet

Published:15 Mar 2022

Datasheet Digital Recycling Communications For Waste Collection Empower people to recycle right with Webaspx suite of digital recycling communication tools. ... more

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