Route Optimisation Consultancy


Where clients don’t have the resource to run an optimisation project themselves we provide round design and optimisation as a consultancy service. Working with service managers and supervisors, we build an efficient set of new rounds that you can be confident will work effectively on the ground.
Webaspx are the leading route optimisation company for waste collection, street cleansing and winter maintenance. Our award-winning route optimisation solution, WM Design, is the most widely used solution by UK local authorities and our team of consultants are the most experienced in the country. By working with our own software we are uniquely able to adapt it for different situations, while our unparalleled project experience gives us access to benchmark data not available elsewhere.
Our consultancy services are used by local authorities and private contractors in a wide range of situations. Some of the most common are:
  • Rationalising existing services, rounds and schedules
  • Designing rounds and schedules for new services
  • Re-balancing rounds across crews to even out workloads
  • Evaluating different shift patterns, reception locations or other service options
  • Supporting options appraisals at committee by providing a robust evidence base
  • Evaluating the cost of achieving different recycling performance