Building on our heritage in municipal service optimisation, we’ve created the world’s first and only optimisation solution specifically for Street Cleansing. Designed around the unique features of cleansing service delivery, WM Streets identifies the best rounds and routes from the millions of potential options. Whether you need to improve your cleansing performance with your current resources or reduce costs whilst maintaining the quality of service, we give you the tools you need to work smarter.

Cuts your service costs
By optimising the design of your street cleansing service you can reduce the number of resources you need, the miles your teams travel, and the amount of overtime you pay.

Improves performance
By optimising the use of their existing resources we help our customers adjust cleansing frequencies based on need. Our unique technology builds highly accurate models so you can be sure that you'll be able to continually manage performance.

Distributes work fairly
Whatever tasks and rounds your crews work, effective round design ensures they all get a fair day’s work and they know their work is achievable in practice.

Pays for itself
Whether you’ve been tasked with improving performance or working with fewer crews, optimising your street cleansing service is typically achieved at zero net cost – with the savings creating a positive return on investment within the first year.

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