Digital Depot

Digital Depot

Webaspx Digital Depot is an integrated operations management solution for municipal services. From first customer contact through to the delivery of services on the street, Digital Depot helps you streamline your processes, automate tasks and manage rounds more efficiently in order to reduce costs and improve performance.

Cut paperwork and errors

By removing the need for beat sheets, vehicle checks and issue reports, Digital Depot reduces the time your team spend typing-up paper forms and cuts down the errors and lost data associated with paper-based processes.

Automate processes

Digital Depot uses business rules and workflow to intelligently automate your most common business processes. By replacing the need for emails, post-it notes and phone calls this saves time for your team and ensures nothing gets missed.

Put services online

Adding online service request forms and up-to-date calendars to your website makes it easier for citizens to get what they need and helps reduce the high volume of calls that councils receive about waste and recycling.

Optimise everything

Digital Depot has best-in-class route optimisation built-in, so whether it’s scheduled rounds or ad-hoc jobs, such as bin deliveries or bulky collections, you can optimise routes and resources and improve your efficiency.

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