Digital Transformation
for Waste Management
and Environmental Services





Digital Solutions for Digital Councils

Our solutions are used by local authorities and leading environmental service companies to digitise their data and automate business processes. We help them to push beyond forms on the website, to create end-to-end workflows that integrate online citizen engagement with service on the street.

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Service design and delivery in one solution

Digital Depot is the only waste management solution that integrates service plans and service delivery. From first customer contact through to the delivery of services on the street, Digital Depot helps you digitise data, automate tasks and optimise round efficiency.

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On-board computing for municipal services

Replace paper forms with touch-screen tablets to reduce admin time and drive down service issues.

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Best-in-class municipal route optimisation

Unparalleled accuracy and ease of use delivers quicker projects, better results and faster return on investment.

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Street Cleansing

Introducing the world’s only street optimisation solution created specifically for street cleansing and designed to cope with the unique features of street cleansing schedules.

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