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At Webaspx, we are focused on using our technology to make local government municipal services more efficient and effective. Our software and services have been used by over 200 local authorities and many of the leading environmental services companies, in the UK, North America and Australia, to help them improve the productivity and performance of their waste collection, street cleansing and highway winter maintenance services.

What makes us different is that our technology supports both service design and service delivery - both optimisation and operations. We are taking our customers beyond forms on their website, to digitise their environmental service processes end-to-end.

We are one of only a handful of companies around the world that have developed route optimisation software specific to waste collection and street cleansing, and we are by far the UK’s no. 1 provider.

The optimisation of municipal collection rounds is different from routing problems in other sectors, such as parcel deliveries or field service. Solutions from other industries just don’t work in waste and street cleansing. In contrast, over the last 10 years our award-winning route optimisation software has been used by local authorities across the country to redesign their services in response to austerity and the transition to a more circular economy.

With local authorities now realising the limitations of paper-based management systems, we are helping them transition to a world of smart depots and smart trucks. Using our back office and In-Cab solutions to digitise and automate their business processes and on-street services, we are helping our customers to reduce the cost and increase the resilience of their environmental service operations.

Webaspx is part of the Routeware group (www.routeware.com), a leading US provider of digital technology solutions to the fleet and waste management industries. We are already using new technologies from across our wider group to create new solutions for our customers and to help them continue to transform in an ever changing world. We offer an end to end waste management solution, from back office digital technology to optimise service efficiencies and reduce costs, as well as a front end communications platform to engage directly with residents to improve recycling behaviour and reduce contaminated waste.






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