It’s a tough time to be a street cleansing manager. While many performance measures continue to improve, unfortunately public satisfaction has not risen accordingly. And budget cuts, whilst affecting everyone, have been particularly severe for cleansing teams.

We have helped a number local authorities to meet their service improvement challenges in street cleansing. As local authorities continue to focus on efficiency, we are increasing seeing our customers use our technology to optimise street cleansing rounds. Rather than simply reduce the frequency they visit streets, they want to redesign rounds in order to maintain quality while reducing costs.

We have also allowed our customers to more effectively assess different service options. By developing robust and accurate service scenarios they have been able to properly assess the benefits of changing frequencies or shift patterns, of swapping vehicles or moving depots, and then implement knowing the savings can be achieved.


Our Street Cleansing solutions build on our heritage in municipal service optimisation. Our route optimisation solution is the world’s first and only tool created specifically for Street Cleansing. Designed around the unique nature of scheduling cleansing resources, our software helps managers to build better rounds.

Where clients don’t have the resource to run an optimisation project themselves we provide round design and optimisation as a consultancy service. Working with your supervisors and managers we build a efficient set of new rounds that you can be confident will work effectively on the ground.