Route Optimisation

Design rounds and services that
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Everything you need, nothing you don't

EasyRoute lets you design more efficient and effective waste collection rounds. Our unparalleled accuracy and ease of use delivers quicker projects, better results and faster return on investment.




Key Benefits


Design new rounds

By balancing workloads and optimising routes, EasyRoute makes it easier to design more efficient rounds. EasyRoute ensures each round is achievable in practice to reduce the risk of public disruption.


Test service scenarios

By quickly and accurately evaluating the benefits of alternative service scenarios, such as extending frequencies or changing shift patterns, EasyRoute lets you determine which options to take forward, safe in the knowledge that changes will actually work.



Plan resource requirements

By establishing the exact resource required to deliver new or growing services, local authorities and contractors can more accurately plan for costs and reduce the risk of service issues during mobilisation.


Maintain efficiency

EasyRoute lets you maintain the performance of rounds as new properties and collections are added. By balancing and sequencing rounds regularly you ensure you don’t lose efficiency as demand changes and grows.




Key Features


For Planners and Analysts


  • Complete Route Design - design a new set of routes that rebalances workloads and minimises costs.
  • Rapid Scenario Planning - vary collection frequencies, change shift patterns, swap vehicles and move depots, and then quickly and accurately evaluate the benefits of each change.
  • Digital Service Management - Maintains an up-to-date digital record of properties, rounds, assets and resources to effectively manage ongoing change.
  • Balance Rounds - distribute work more evenly between crews while ensuring every route is achievable in practice.
  • Sequences Routes - improve the efficiency of individual routes by optimising the sequence of collections.
  • Flexible Data Requirement - works with a diverse range of datasets and different levels of data completeness and accuracy.

For Managers and Supervisors


  • Performance Feedback - Instant performance feedback on changes to route design.
  • Performance Management - maintain the performance of rounds as new properties are added so you don’t lose efficiency over time.
  • Crew Safety – built-in hazard definition and support for route risk assessment helps reduce accidents and improve safety.
  • Driver Briefing - effectively and efficiently brief your drivers and crews with route maps, route sheets and driving instructions.
  • GPS tracking – connects to GPS tracking and In-Cab systems to supplement service performance information.
  • GIS neutral - we are not wedded to a particular GIS technology or platform, and are able to work with users of all.
  • System Integration - share consistent data with your back office, on-board and CRM solutions.




Customer Success Stories

The best way to understand the value our solutions create is to talk to some of the 100 local authorities that use our systems.


“The software allowed us to robustly evaluate a number of service options and to deliver the two-shift system with confidence. The new rounds have saved us £500,000 a year and given us additional recycling capacity.”

Head of Waste Management
London Borough of Sutton

“By any standards this was a hugely successful project. Webaspx played a key role in enabling us to achieve savings of over £1.5 million a year."

Group Engineer
Cyngor Gwynedd Council

“From their introduction the new rounds operated successfully. This was particularly noteworthy as the introduction of these new rounds coincided with a move to a four-day week.”

Waste Policy and Performance Manager
Middlesbrough Council.


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