Route Optimisation

Webaspx EasyRoute is an award-winning route optimisation software solution that lets local authorities reduce the operating costs of municipal services by designing and maintaining a more efficient and effective set of rounds. The software is straightforward enough for municipal service professionals to use directly.

Design new rounds

By balancing workloads and optimising routes, EasyRoute makes it easier to design more efficient rounds. EasyRoute ensures each round is achievable in practice to reduce the risk of public disruption.

Test service scenarios

By quickly and accurately evaluating the benefits of alternative service scenarios, such as extending frequencies or changing shift patterns, EasyRoute lets you determine which options to take forward, safe in the knowledge that changes will actually work.

Plan resources requirements

By establishing the exact resource required to deliver new or growing services, local authorities and contractors can more accurately plan for costs and reduce the risk of service issues during mobilisation.

Maintain efficiency

EasyRoute lets you maintain the performance of rounds as new properties and collections are added. By balancing and sequencing rounds regularly you ensure you don’t lose efficiency as demand changes and grows.

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