Digital Depot

Replace spreadsheets and paper with cloud-based data
and automated workflows






Service design and delivery in one solution

Local authorities need to make their processes more efficient and effective, and less reliant on paper forms, spreadsheets and phone calls. Digital Depot is the only waste management solution that integrates service plans and service operations, letting you digitise data, automate tasks and optimise round efficiency.



Key Benefits


Cut Paperwork and Errors

Digital Depot reduces the amount of paperwork you process. By replacing paper forms and spreadsheets, Digital Depot cuts down the time spent re-keying information and chasing people on the phone, and reduces the amount of lost data and errors associated with paper-based processes.


Improve Process Efficiency

By creating end-to-end digital processes covering customer contact, process management, optimisation and mobile data, environmental teams can dramatically improve the efficiency of service delivery. Digital Depot allows you to automate and optimise work so that outcomes can be achieved with fewer resources.



Manage Work Effectively

Our built-in workflows gives you everything you need to manage your most common business processes, such as missed bins, bin deliveries and assisted collections. No more post-it notes and paper forms, just a more effective way to complete your daily work.


Improve Customer Experience

By sharing operational information with digital customer service platforms, such as up-to-date calendars and service request forms, councils can improve service for citizens and reduce the high volume of calls they receive about environmental services.



Improve Performance

To identify service issues, build better plans and coach staff effectively, service managers need accurate and timely information on which to base decisions. Digital Depot provides a common set of data across your service and systems to improve both day-to-day work and inform plans and strategy.


Reduce Risk

By using a digital solution rather than paper-based processes to plan and operate waste and recycling services, local authorities can reduce the risk of service issues and public disruption and be better prepared to react flexibility to changes, such as the Waste and Resources Strategy, that are coming down the line.







Build End-to-End Processes


Digital Depot replaces spreadsheets and paper with cloud-based data and automated processes. From first customer contact through to the delivery of services on the street, Digital Depot helps you digitise data, automate tasks and optimise round efficiency, to create an end-to-end digital business processes.






Customer Success Stories

The best way to understand the value our solutions create is to talk to some of the 100 local authorities that use our systems.


“Our new process makes it quicker to provide residents with accurate information during service changes, which has helped us to significantly reduce calls to our contact centre.”

Waste Services Manager
Falkirk Council

“We’re getting less than half the volume of the calls we used to coming through to the waste team now."

Waste and Recycling Supervisor
Richmondshire District Council

“The system is very easy to use with a nice user interface. Our operations are always changing so we meed to be able to make changes quickly. We trust the data we manage in Collections"

Business Manager
Veolia UK


View Case Studies







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Digital Transformation in Waste Management and Street Cleansing

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Replacing paper processes with digital services at Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

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