Street Cleansing

Increase efficiency and control with digital solutions





Digitise Services to do More for Less

Smart councils cut street cleansing costs by increasing efficiency, not reducing cleansing frequencies. With the world’s only route optimisation tool created specifically for street cleansing, we are uniquely placed to help local authorities digitise their service and design a more effective set of rounds.

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Get Smarter with In-Cab

In-Cab for Street Cleansing replaces paper forms and maps with touch-screen tablets in your sweepers. Giving drivers the information they need helps them work safely and efficiently, while real-time issues and performance information help you keep your service under control.







Be Proactive with Inspections

Our inspections solution ensures you’ll never fail to meet a target time again. With a digital model and an effective service design, we let you adjust your plan to make better use of your resources and properly fulfil your COPLAR duties.





Customer Success Stories

The best way to understand the value our solutions create is to talk to some of the 100 local authorities that use our systems.


"Our system of dedicated neighbourhood street sweepers, each with their own beat, is making a real difference.”

Executive Member for Environment and Transport,
Islington Council

“Optimising our mechanical sweeping routes has allowed us to rebalance our work and makes rounds more efficient, while maintaining the flexibility to react to less predictable activities.”

Open Space Officer,
Halton Borough Council

“Not only is the software brilliant, but the support from you guys has been second to none.”

Environmental Technical Officer,
Conwy Borough Council


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Webaspx Street Cleansing: Route Optimisation for Street Cleansing

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Digital Transformation in Waste Management and Street Cleansing

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Building a Digital Street Cleansing Service at Halton Borough Council

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