Round Design


Round Design is what we do best. We often call this "Route Optimisation". So what is the difference, if any?
When we talk about Round Design we mean the process of designing well balanced and efficient, optimised rounds or schedules. We prefer the term “Round Design” to “Route Optimisation” because Round Design is about efficiently allocating resources as well as simultaneously solving the route optimisation problem. However, "Route Optimisation" is in more general use.
The reason we like the term “Round Design” is because it differentiates us from the mass of software companies that can simply plan the route between a predetermined list of jobs or service points (“waypoints”). This is a bit like using Google Maps for directions.
The whole point of true route optimisation technology is that it doesn’t just route the work you decide should be given to a crew, it tells you how many crews you need, what work should be allocated to each and what the sequence and route should be. That is what our award-winning and unique WM Design optimisation technology does for you.