Round Design

Round Design

Webaspx is one of the world’s leading route optimisation companies for waste collection, street cleansing and highway winter maintenance. As many local authorities don’t have the resource or the skill-set to run a round design project themselves, we provide round design and route optimisation as a consultancy service.

Round Design (or route optimisation as it is sometimes called) in municipal services is about efficiently allocating resources while simultaneously solving the route optimisation problem. The whole point of a true round design project is that it doesn’t just route the work you decide should be given to a crew, it tells you how many crews you need, what work should be allocated to each and what the sequence and route should be.

Working with your service managers and supervisors, we can build an efficient set of new rounds that you can be confident will work effectively on the ground. By working with our own software, we are uniquely able to adapt it for different situations, while our unparalleled project experience gained on over 200 round design projects gives us access to benchmark data not available elsewhere.

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