City of York Council

Rationalising Refuse and Beyond – Cleansing, Library and Mail


With the mission to become more efficient and reduce vehicle numbers, the City of York Council purchased the optimisation software from Webaspx primarily to rationalise waste services. Through a combination of professional support and determination, the software helped to remove three vehicles from the refuse fleet. That success not only saved money, but also had the added benefit of reducing CO 2 emissions and running costs for the remaining fleet.

The team did not stop there! Buoyed by the success in refuse, the team at York turned the software to other council services including cleansing, library van and mail vans, all with excellent results. For example, using the software on the City Centre “barrow rounds” delivered improved ordering. This enabled areas which were previously neglected to be cleansed to a high standard, making a huge difference to residents.


“By simply optimizing our Dog and Litter bins rounds we managed to remove the costs of a vehicle and staff member, which alone paid for the software within one year. The software has allowed us to realise huge savings across our operations and will continue to do so moving forward, as even more efficiencies have to be found”.
Andy Kelly – Operations Manager, Waste.

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