Online Calendars and Service Change
at Falkirk Council

Falkirk has long been one of the most innovative councils in the country when it comes to waste management. In order to reduce the number of missed bin calls and lower the cost of dealing with these enquiries, Falkirk Council wanted to ensure that accurate information about waste and recycling collections was available online. They also wanted to speed up the process for updating information during service change.

To achieve this, Falkirk Council use the Webaspx Digital Depot solution to help them design and run their waste management service.

Key Points

  • Back office and In-Cab system connected to the council’s citizen management system.
  • Missed bin calls to the council down 20% on an average week.
  • Calls about collection dates down 15%.
  • Now takes just 4 weeks from beat design to the start of the changed service.

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