Cyngor Gwynedd Council

Huge savings by moving to a three-day week


Gwynedd County Council used our route optimisation software to move from a standard five-day shift pattern to a three-day shift system, with one shift working Monday to Wednesday and another Thursday to Saturday.

By redesigning their rounds, the council was able to reduce the number of crews they needed from 44 to 24, which allowed staff numbers to be reduced by 20. These changes resulted in savings for the council of over £1.5 million a year.

In addition to financial savings, the council also saw recycling performance increase from 28% to 41%. The council continue to use our software to maintain the efficiency of their service.


“By any standard this was a hugely successful project. Webaspx played a key role in enabling us to achieve savings of over £1.5 million a year.”
Geraint Rees Jones, Group Engineer, Cyngor Gwynedd Council

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