Award-Winning Remodelling of Street Cleansing Services at Islington Council

Award-Winning Remodelling of Street Cleansing Services at Islington Council

To help make Islington ‘a welcoming and attractive borough’ and create ‘a healthier environment for all’, the Place and Environment team committed to remodel their street cleansing services to improve performance and reduce emissions.

To do this, they implemented a neighbourhood principle to street cleansing services and redesigned rounds to ensure a cleansing visit after every refuse collection. Islington used Webaspx to help them remodel their street cleansing service. Using our market-leading route optimisation software for street cleansing, our consultants were able to first review the council’s current service and robustly compare this to different options.

Key Points

  • Remodelling of street cleansing services to implement a neighbourhood-based approach.
  • Reduction of 12 vehicles and a 60% cut in CO2 emissions.
  • Cleanliness ratings up from 94% to 97%.
  • Reduction of 21% in complaints about missed street cleansing.
  • Winners of the Keep Britain Tidy ‘Outstanding Service Delivery’ award.

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