Scarborough Borough Council

Transforming and digitising the refuse and recycling service


Scarborough Borough Council is delivering over £250,000 in savings by digitising its bin collection service. As part of their corporate transformation programme, they have linked up the frontline service with the call centre in real time through the use of in-cab units. The flow of data from the bin lorries to back-office systems removes paperwork and administration related to service delivery. The in-cab tracking system allows Scarborough to create new, optimised rounds, enabling it to be far more responsive to issues as they arise, such as crew changes and the impactful seasonal demands of a tourism reliant borough, whilst maintaining current staffing levels.

Some notable successes from the programme include: 

  • 26 per cent reduction in phone calls to the call centre; 
  • 34 per cent reduction in missed bins that operators must return for; 
  • 9 per cent increase in the number of calls resolved ‘first time’ by call centre advisors as relevant information is available to them; 
  • decrease of over 50 per cent in internal communications between Customer First, the back office and crews.

You can see the full case study here:

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