M​odernising Waste Collection Services at South Norfolk Council


In 2019 South Norfolk Council purchased the Webaspx Digital Depot back-office automation solution as part of their ongoing commitment to digital transformation of their waste and recycling services. They recognised the need to move with the times and away from time-consuming, printed paperwork and manual processes for their bin collections and the garden subscription service.


Key points:

      2019 South Norfolk wanted to modernise their waste collection service, to work smarter and more collaboratively, with better communication with residents, between crews in their 32 refuse collection vehicles, and their back-office staff.

  • 2020 Adding the Workflow Module and 32 In-Cab devices to the fleet alongside the Collections Module provided seamless simplified digital processes enabling quick and easy updates for residents, back office and crew.
  • 2022 Successful implementation of the ReCollect Digital Recycling Engagement and Education Tools with 4,700 residents downloading the app in the first month.
    • We’ve done great work with web forms to integrate into the Digital Depot system, which gives many opportunities to link with our web information system.

The digital software solutions from Routeware | Webaspx provide end-to-end full digital integration and ongoing management of South Norfolk Council's waste collection service.

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