ReCollect Digital Resident Recycling Education Tools are helping Wychavon Council to get recycling sorted online.


Wychavon District Council introduced the ReCollect Digital Waste Wizard search tool and Waste Sorting Game to their website in July 2022 to support the Communications Team in increasing resident education to help residents recycle with confidence and reduce material contamination.


Key points:

    • Wychavon Council found the implementation much faster and was far cheaper than by creating an in-house search tool themselves so they were up and running more quickly, making a positive impact on their contamination rate sooner.
  • The digital tools allow residents instant access anytime to check the correct recycling process for more than 10,000 waste items from the council website, thereby improving recycling education and providing the communications team with live data on what is being searched for regularly by item and area.
    • Positive engagement by residents shown immediately with online searches of over 500 items the first morning.
    • Data provided has already demonstrated a reduction in the number of regularly seen items in Wychavon Council's contamination list.

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