May 2021

Falkirk Council's Street Cleansing Team sweeps up APSE Striving For Excellence Award


Falkirk Council’s Street Cleansing team picked up a Bronze award rather than litter at an evening ceremony in Aviemore on 19 May 2022 at the APSE Scotland's Fleet, Waste and Grounds Conference, Scotland 2022.

Having introduced Webaspx In-Cab technology and new Digital Depot back-office processes in 2021 the Street Cleansing team has become more efficient and effective at what it does – and the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) has noticed!

The industry body has awarded the team a Bronze for its digital efforts, with the official certificate presented at the APSE Scotland’s Striving for Excellence Awards held in the MacDonald Aviemore Highland Resort on 19 May 2022.

Talking about the award, Franca Cianni, Street Cleansing Co-ordinator, Roads & Grounds said: “Making improvements to the service has been a real team effort, with management and those working on the ground regularly coming together to discuss issues and potential new ways of working. Having those open and honest conversations has helped us progress 'the Council of the Future Transformation of Roads & Grounds project' and led to the installation of in-cab devices. These devices have helped us automate several processes, create less paperwork, and speed up what we do. “Drivers can now easily survey and record bin capacity, provide confirmation bins have been emptied, and highlight any operational issues, all en-route. This information helps us to quickly re-design routes based on real-time data. It also helps us lower our CO2 emissions, as less miles are travelled because bins are emptied when they are fuller, and we are managing routes more efficiently. Only by working together have we been able to make these improvements – and getting recognition from APSE for that work is the icing on the cake.”

Pictured above: Jonathan Jenkinson, Northern UK & Ireland Sales Manager, Brigade Electronics (the sponsor of the awards category) with Mo Baines, Deputy Chief Executive, APSE. Collecting the award was Anthony Grundy from Falkirk Street Cleansing Team.

The Webaspx team celebrated the recognition with the Falkirk Street Cleansing Team at the APSE Fleet, Waste and Grounds Conference. Photo below is Zak Tomlinson, Webaspx



To find out more about Webaspx Digital Depot and In-Cab tools for Street Cleansing or Waste Collection please click the highlighted links above.

About Webaspx :

Webaspx, a Routeware Global Company, is the leading route optimisation software supplier focused on the waste and fleet management markets. With offices in the US and the UK, the company provides market-leading cloud and mobile solutions to an established customer base of public and private sector companies.


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