25 March 2021

Routeware Global acquires ReCollect to add Digital Engagement Expertise

Acquisition adds digital communication and recycling education tools to Routeware Global’s integrated software solutions for smart cities and smart haulers

We are really pleased to announce that Webaspx's parent company, Routeware Global, has acquired ReCollect, an innovative provider of communication and education tools for recycling.

ReCollect helps governments and businesses make recycling more effective in their communities by using digital services to transform citizen engagement. ReCollect’s mobile applications and online tools help reduce contamination, wishcycling, and call volumes, while empowering customers to be great recyclers.

The deal expands our integrated software solutions for local government and private waste contractors to now support processes from first citizen contact right through to service delivery on the streets. ReCollect’s solutions will complement the In-cab, service management and route optimisation solutions we already provide to customers across the United Kingdom and North America.

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Click here to read the full press release on the Routeware Global website


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