October 2022

Climate Change Action at the kerb-side


Recycling week followed by the annual COP27 Summit in Egypt – Climate Change Action is right at the top of the World’s agenda. The events focus on the overarching theme of turning climate pledges into climate action in pursuit of net-zero emissions, enhanced resilience for the most vulnerable, and aligning financial flows with these goals.

We all have an important part to play in overcoming the current climate change challenges and if you’re a Council looking at a way to drive kerb-side recycling behaviour change then Routeware Webaspx digital recycling education tools can help.


By providing over 30 Councils across the UK with digital resident recycling education and engagement tools to share waste recycling information digitally at grass roots level to support them in achieving their tough but necessary environmental goals.

The Waste Wizard search tool and Waste Sorting Game already supports 1000’s of residents, at the point of disposal, to learn what rubbish can be recycled and what can’t – reducing contaminated waste and improving recycling rates for local authorities.

With high recycling rate targets throughout the UK, councils are tasked with finding new ways to reach and educate a wider audience. The recycling education tools provide ongoing support 24/7 for those looking for recycling guidance. By signing up to their Council’s app or onto their website, the information can be accessed easily, and, more importantly, it’s simple to use, overcoming a common barrier of navigating through complicated technology.

The tools are currently in use on the following links and are empowering many thousands of citizens to recycle better, helping councils tackle the problem of contamination in recycling. Take a look at how they look online:

Plus many more launching in the coming weeks.

Customer Success

  • Recycling information for over 1,000,000 items has been searched for by residents across Surrey since launch,
  • 90% of the postcode areas in Buckinghamshire have used their online waste education tools.
  • South Norfolk have recently launched a number of tools, including a mobile app specifically for the waste service, helping residents easily access recycling information wherever they are.
  • Wychavon District Council reported positive engagement by residents shown immediately with online searches of over 500 items the first morning.

    T​o read more about any of these council's recycling communication tools please follow the link HERE.

    The benefit of a digital recycling education service is that Councils can review the data from the resident’s engagement to find out more about what items people are searching for or getting wrong in the game to then implement proactive campaigns to inform and guide them on the correct way to dispose of these items, like batteries or seasonal items like pumpkins.

    Overall, the challenge ahead is not an easy one but digital education tools can speed up this arduous journey to increase resident waste recycling rates and empower people to recycle better, reduce wish-cycling and waste contamination, each of us making a small difference to a big problem.

    For more information about the Waste Wizard and the Waste Sorting Game please follow the link HERE or Contact Us on info@webaspx.com.

    About Webaspx
    Webaspx, a Routeware company, is the leading Route Optimisation software supplier focused on the waste and fleet management markets. With offices in the US and the UK, the company provides market-leading cloud and mobile solutions to an established customer base of public and private sector companies.
    ReCollect are Webaspx sister company, also part of Routeware, specialising in the supply of Digital Recycling Education and Engagement Software for over 20 years.




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