Over the last 10 years, we’ve worked with around half of the local authorities and waste management companies in the UK. Their priority continues to be to do more with less. They need to continue to deliver the high quality services that citizens value, while also reducing the cost of delivering the service. 

We have helped them to optimise waste and recycling collection services in order to reduce operational costs. We have done this by providing managers need an effective way to continuously redesign rounds in the face of operational change, without risking an impact on the quality of service. 

We have also allowed our customers to manage their day-to-day operation better. From dealing with missed bins, to managing garden service subscriptions, we have delivered tools that help managers and crews get the job done more efficiently and effectively. And as local authorities are also looking to implement channel shift and digital strategies that lower customer service costs and improve the overall experience, we have integrated our solutions with the platforms that support better public engagement, such as websites, online forms, apps, and the contact centre.


Our Waste Manager solution is our response to the need for joined-up systems in waste management. It provides an integrated solution for round design, information management, the management of jobs and mobile communications across your waste and recycling collection service. Waste Manager has also been connected to a number of the leading digital citizen service platforms used in local government to support customer self-service and provide better information to residents.

  • Route Optimisation and Round Design 
  • Round Management and Workflow 
  • In-Cab for Refuse Collection Vehicles 
  • Commercial Waste Account Management